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Client Testimonials

"Clare at Happy Pups Academy has been a fantastic support, providing advice and recommendations as we prepared for our Goldendoodle puppy Albie.  She opened my eyes to the power of force free dog training and inspired me to do all I can to teach my dog the good behaviours to live a fulfilled and happy life.

The training plans Clare has provided have been simple to follow and extremely effective. We have mastered sit in the first week, started to work on preventing resource guarding and also worked on a Leave it cue. Albie and I really enjoy working with Clare."

Natalie C - Telford 


"Thank you so much, Clare, for all your support.  Despite reaching out to Clare under challenging circumstances regarding our family pet Bella who showed very nervous behaviour towards my partner and was highly opposed to bond with him.


Clare is a very experienced and knowledgeable trainer. She has such a genuine passion for dogs and helping families, which was highly apparent in her approach for supporting us with Bella's behaviour of resource guarding and her being unable to bond with my partner. Clare's aura and manner made me feel completely at ease, and she was none judgmental, which was one of my fears and apprehension about getting in touch with a trainer. Our sessions were an informative and enjoyable experience.


Clare talked me through various aides and techniques to help me through the process of reconditioning Bella with her behaviour towards my partner. We have already seen such a positive change in her demeanor; instead of being so nervous around him and refusing to be in the same room as him, she now happily will come and sit with him and let him play with her. There is still work to be done around her resource guarding, but this is something I will not hesitate to continue to work with Clare on. I cannot recommend her enough and am so grateful for her support. 

For me, I loved working virtually with Clare, which was much more convenient for me and made me feel completely at ease.  Thank you, Clare; we can now see the light at the end of the tunnel. "

Charlotte D - Solihull 

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