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Useful Resources

Here are some of my favourite books and tools:

Tools and Equipment

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The Perfect Fit harness is my favourite harness. I use the harness with the Perfect Fit double-ended clip 'training lead'.  Ensuring the right fit is critical so that it is safe and comfortable for your dog.   I never use a collar, due to the pressure on the neck and throat area. 

Perfect Fit Harness (







I love this activity tracker, which is like a FitBit, but for dogs.  Attach it to your dog's collar or harness to track his activity every day.

PitPat | Dog Activity Monitor | Exercise, Weight & Fitness Tracker App



I have 4 Extreme Kongs for Louis.  I save some of his breakfast/dinner portions to stuff the Kongs with.  It helps to fulfill your dog's natural instinct of working for their food.  Freezing the Kongs can make them last even longer!  

Welcome | KONG Company




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