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Welcome to Happy Pups Academy

Clare Ledger (CTC)

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My Mission 

To create a better life for our dogs through educating dog parents with science based and force-free education and training.  Let's let our dogs thrive.


What to expect

My area of specialism is helping new puppy parents - setting the puppy up for success.  I will help you understand dog behaviour and help you get your training right from the outset.  


Consultations are on-line and include the basics of how animals learn, dispelling myths, practical puppy training tips, enrichment ideas, useful tools and much more.  I will help you and your dog along his or her journey from puppy to adult dog.  


  Some of the areas covered:

  • Socialising your puppy

  • Life skills and confidence building

  • Puppy biting

  • Body handling

  • Resource guarding prevention training

  • Housetraining

  • Separation anxiety

  • Early obedience training, eg recall, sit, down, wait, leave-it etc

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